06 Aug 2013 All in One: The Future of Digital Devices
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Digital devices are becoming more and more common. They are something that we are all carrying around at this point. With this in mind, it is important to realize where these devices may be headed. It is most likely the case that we are going to continue to add capabilities to our devices in order to make them more usable by us. There are already a lot of things that something like a smartphone can do, more…

11 Jun 2013 How to Take Great Photos With Your Smart Phone
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Smartphones have reduced the need for expensive digital cameras because they come equipped with capabilities to take both still photos and video, often in high definition. Keep reading to learn more about how to take great photos with your smartphone.

The first thing to keep in mind is that smartphones are like any other camera; if the photographer is inept, then the photos may be of a poor quality. If taking pictures is not one of your strong points, leave the task to someone else.

Remember that smartphones offer most of the features that more…

10 Jun 2013 Is the Digital Camera Going Extinct?
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Several years ago the digital camera was a must-have device for those who wanted to remain at the edge of technological advances, but it is entirely possible that the digital camera is headed the same way as the dinosaurs; read on to learn more about why these once popular devices are no longer being purchased by every technology lover out there.

Smartphones increase in quality and decrease in price with every year that passes, meaning that more and more people possess the devices that use in every facet of their lives. more…

09 Jun 2013 Three Ways Digital Cameras Are Better Than Phones
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With the rise in popularity of smart phones, many people are choosing to set aside their digital cameras and use the camera applications that come with their phone. This may seem like an easy and time saving choice, but people are quick to realize that camera applications will not yield the same results. Below are three ways that digital cameras are better than phones.

1. Digital cameras will produce a clear, crisp image that can be enlarged without losing sharpness or quality. Digital cameras contain a higher megapixel count than more…

05 Jun 2013 Top Ten Reasons You Still Need A Digital Camera
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Smartphones and tablets have quickly risen in popularity among camera enthusiasts. These devices have camera applications that allow people to take pictures with the device. This is a convenient feature, but there are still important reasons why a digital camera is still needed.

1. Digital cameras can produce higher quality images. Many device cameras have fewer megapixels than traditional digital cameras, which can compromise quality.
2. Digital camera images can be enlarged and still retain quality and sharpness.
3. Digital cameras perform better in low light situations where a flash more…

02 Jun 2013 Top Ten Reasons Your Phone Is Better Than A Camera
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The prevalence of smartphones have virtually eliminated the need for a digital camera. While there are a variety of reasons why digital cameras are slowly dying, these are the ten reasons why your phone is better than a camera. 1. It’s a Great Camera Most smartphones can take excellent pictures that rival the best digital cameras. 2. Pictures Easy to Share Pictures from a digital camera have to be loaded to a camera before they can be shared with friends and family. You can instantly email, text or post on Facebook any picture taken on a smartphone. 3. Easy to Carry Digital cameras are big and a hassle to carry. You will never miss a great shot with a smartphone because it is always in your pocket. 4. Photo Apps All of the great pictures you take can be edited on a variety of free photo apps that are available to download. 5. Great Storage You will never have to own multiple storage cards with a smartphone since you will be able to save all of them directly on the phone with plenty of leftover storage space. 6. Games You will have a hard time finding a camera that can play a game while you are bored. 7. Phone Calls While you may use the camera on your smartphone more, http://directtelevisionpackages.com/, it can still be used to actually call your friends. 8. Movies and TV All of your favorite movies and tv shows are available to download and watch in the app store. 9. GPS You will never be lost with a smartphone. Just enter your destination into the built-in GPS and you will have turn-by-turn directions. 10. Can Record Video Only a select few digital cameras can record video, but every smartphone can capture video. It is a great option when you want more than just a picture.You thought this was good? Brace yourself: Digital Camera Inventor Explains How Technology Took Down Kodak